1st Birthday Party

1st Birthday Party

Your baby's first birthday party is a beautiful milestone that is worthy of celebration. Although most of the guest will be infants and toddlers, proper planning and organization is still important for creating an exciting and memorable day. We've created this 1st Birthday Party Checklist to eliminate some of the stress of party planning, so that you can remain the supermom that you are.

One to Two Month Before the Party:

  • Select a date and time. Deciding when and where the party will be held early will give guests ample time to schedule around the occasion and to buy a special gift
  • Determine a budget. The cost of the venue, party rental supplies, food, party bags and decorations should all be taken into considerations. Be sure to leave a little room in your budget for unexpected expected expenses
  • Select a venue. If the party space is outdoor, be sure to have a backup plan in place just in case the weather takes a turn for the worst
  • Finalize the guest list. Typically, this will include immediate and extended family, close friends and some acquaintances. Don't invite more people than the party space can accommodate comfortably
  • Choose a theme for the birthday party. Princess, Cocomelon, Baby Shark and Tea Party are the most popular girl themes, while Dinosaurs, Safari, Baby Shark and Micky Mouse are the most popular for boys
  • Decide if you will invite your guests by telephone, digitally (Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.) or if you want to order or create physical birthday party invitations
  • If you're going to to use a Caterer now is time to book. Otherwise you still have a few weeks before you need to start planning your own menu

Two to Three Weeks Before the Party:

  • Invite everyone you want to join in the festivities so that they have ample time to schedule around the occasion, RSVP and go gift shopping. Be sure to include detail directions for the location of the party
  • If you are going to prepare your own food, begin Menu Planning based on the total number of guests. If you selected to go with a caterer, check-in to confirm everything is still on track
  • Order the Cake or decide if you're going to bake it yourself.
  • Plan and purchase or start creating your Party Decorations
  • If you decided to go the party bag route, now is the time to start planning what treats will be in included
  • Plan age appropriate games, game prizes and entertainment that can keep young children occupied
  • Enlist family and friend volunteers to give you a helping hand setting up and on the big day
  • Book party rental supplies if needed

One Week Before the Party:

  • Follow up with guests who haven’t RSVP’d
  • Assign someone to be the designated photographer for the day
  • Finalize your menu and create a timeline for food prep
  • Plan how you will decorate the party space
  • Purchase and organize party tableware
  • Confirm your reservation for the party rental supplies just to be sure
  • If you're not using a caterer, start purchasing the food and serving supplies

One to Two Day Before the Party:

  • Contact your volunteers to ensure that they are still available to help
  • Setup and childproof the party space
  • Set tables and designate a place for the gifts
  • Purchase perishable food items
  • Start food prepping
  • Pickup the cake
  • Pack party bags
  • Confirm with the baker the that the cake will be ready for pickup at a given time on the day of the party
  • Setup and decorate the highchair of the guest of honor

Day of the Party:

  • Prepare last minute menu items
  • Layout the food
  • Enjoy the party

We hope your baby's first birthday celebration gives you many happy memories. Feel free to Contact a baby products specialist today with any questions you may have.