When to Size Up!

When to Size Up!

Buying the proper-size clothing is important to the health, happiness and safety of your baby. When clothes are too tight they can cause skin rashes, irritation, circulation issues, and even digestive issues; all of which make for a cranky baby and frustrated parents. Below are a few telltale signs that your baby’s clothes are too small:

  • Snaps on bodysuits, rompers, or sleepers, pop open
  • Elastic band or button closure leaves lines or irritation on the waist, legs, arms, or ankles
  • Throwing up after feeding when wearing clothing with elastic waistband
  • Shirts roll up over the belly
  • Shirt sleeves cut off circulation when rolled up
  • Excessive crying when in clothing

Babies grow faster than most first time parents might expect – outgrowing seven clothing sizes in their first two years. For budgetary purposes, it’s advisable to size-up. But don’t overdo it, as extremely loose clothing can increase your baby’s risk of choking or suffocation. A single size up should buy you a few months to plan for future wardrobe investment. Generally speaking, a newborn fits comfortably and safely in size 0-3 months; a 3 months old fits well in size 3-6 months and so on. Ultimately, as a parent you will have to develop your own strategy based on the size, shape, and growth pattern of your baby, as well as your budget of course!

Whatever you do, always put the wellbeing of your little one first.

Happy Shopping!