Baby's First Wardrobe

Baby's First Wardrobe

Shopping for clothing for your baby's first wardrobe is super fun, but also an extremely important task. The cute itty bitty clothing in beautiful colors and patterns oftentimes cause shoppers to make buying decisions based on fashion rather than function. Knowing what items you should buy and how many you'll need can be a challenge for many first-time parents. Here's a list of clothing essentials, along with recommended quantities, to help you build a functional wardrobe for your new baby.

Bodysuits (3-5)

Bodysuits are the ultimate wardrobe basic, as they provide parent with a convenient option for diaper cover and allow easy access for diaper changes. Look for those with lap shoulders necklines, which help pull the bodysuit over the baby’s head without snagging or stretching arms.

Sleepwear (3-4)

Also known as footies and sleepers, Sleep ‘N Play Pajamas keep the baby warm and cozy from top to bottom. Look for those with snaps from neck to tush or full front zips to make diaper changes easy. Receiving Gowns are another practical sleepwear option. These garments provide flexibility and comfort, and are especially gentle on the baby’s healing belly button during the first few weeks of life. Gowns slip on easily and cover the body from neck to toes. Look for ones with mitten cuffs to keep fingers warm and prevent accidental scratches.

Tops (4-5)

A few tops that match well with most bottoms can enhance the versatility of the wardrobe. Side snap shirts, commonly referred to as Kimono styles shirts, are ‘belly button friendly’ and thus highly recommended for comfort until the baby’s umbilical cord falls off.  Otherwise, choose tops that are easy to place over the baby’s head and can simply machine wash. Consider short sleeve tops for warmer weather, long sleeve tops with mitten cuffs for cooler weather, and at least one sweater or hooded jacket for outings.

Bottoms (5-7)

A few bottoms that match well with the bodysuits and tops in the wardrobe are prefect for building a versatile selection. Neutral color shorts and pants will allow you to mix and match pieces to create different outfits.

Caps and Mittens (3-4)

Caps are a must-have accessory to keep the baby's head warm and protected day and night. Mittens are also important to keep fingers warm and prevent accidental scratches. Look for neutral colors to increase versatility. 

Socks (5-6)

Socks are another must-have accessory to keep the babies little feet warm and protected. Look for neutral colored wiggle-proof socks that will not leave marks on the baby's ankles.

Happy Shopping!